Oct 29, 2008


A few days ago I tried to make my own version of sushi. The idea was inspired by my friend who showcased her homemade sushi on FB. After so much enquiries of where to get all the ingredients, how to cook the rice, what goes inside the roll and how to roll the sushi… I started on my mission of making sushi…

My first attemp at making sushi was a messy one. The rice was all over my hand and the chopping board. I also could not find the mayo in the fridge (it was in the kitchen cabinet. Found it after I finished everything…rolling..eating..) and substituted it with cream cheese.

When I displayed my sushi on FB, I discovered the reason why it was a messy business. I was supposed to roll the rice with seaweed on the outside, instead I put seaweed on top of the rice…and then spread the cream cheese, crab stick, cucumber and carrot on it and rolled it. No wonder the rice got seperated from each other. I will have to make it the right way next time I make sushi.

Anyway, the sushi tasted good with kicap cap kipas udang.