Mar 12, 2008

3. General Election 2008

In every 4 to 5 years, all Malaysia would be able to exercise their right to vote in order to choose their representatives either at the state level or the national level.

On March 8, about 82% of the people voted for their next MP's and assemblymen. The results shocked the nations (let alone the governing party). They lost 5 states to the opposition parties.

Kelantan is forever under PAS, Penang goes to DAP, Kedah is led by a PAS leader in coalition with PKR and DAP. Meanwhile Perak and Selangor are yet to get their nominated Mentri Besars approved by the Istana.

However, the BN coalition was still given the mandate by the rakyat to lead the country with simple majority.

As rakyat, we only hope that the elected MPs and statesmen would carry out their duties (and fulfil their promises) for the sake of rakyat and not for personal gain.

p/s: congratulations to my uncle that now he is an elected assemblyman.


  1. aritu kata nk bubuh gamba?

  2. gambar tak tau dok kat mana? your collection?