May 4, 2008


But Why Juice?

There are many good reasons why you should juice. I'm not advocating that you should juice all your fruits and vegetables. What I do suggest is that you drink juices regularly, on top of your intake of other fruits and vegetables. Here are only some of the reasons:

  • Juicing helps to "pre-digest" your food.
    As a result of our poor food choices over the years, most of us have bodies which have become weak in absorbing the nutrients that we need. Juicing "pre-digest" the fruits so that they are readily digested and assimilated before it gets eliminated from our body.
  • You will need one or two pounds of fruits daily to obtain the optimum level of nutrients needed for your body.
    By juicing, it allows you to accomplish this easily. You don't want to be eating so much fruits that it makes you sick of fruits. Moreover, this would violate the principle of regular food rotation and increase your chance of developing an allergy towards a certain kind of food.
  • Juicing removes indigestible fiber
    The nutrients we are after, are trapped in indigestible fiber. For example, when you eat a carrot, you are only able to assimilate 1% of the beta-carotene. But wonder of wonders, when you juice, you are able to assimilate nearly 100% of the beta-carotene!
  • Easy digestion and assimilation
    Solid foods require many hours of digestion before any nutrient is made available to the cells. Juices are assimilated within 15 minutes of consumption, with very little effort on the part of the digestive system. Because it is in liquid form, the enzymes are not wasted to fuel its own digestion. As a result, the body can quickly distribute the much needed enzymes to other parts of the body to heal, build, restore and repair.
  • Juices are cleansing
    Only with sufficient amount of nutrients in the fruits through juicing, can the juices be cleansing to the blood. Blood is life. By keeping our blood clean and loaded with nutrients, we can expect to live better and longer.
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