Aug 8, 2008


  • Purchase things from outlets that offer bargains.
  • Plan your trips so that you can complete all chores and your shopping in one journey. (Kalau nak shopping tu better buat list untuk barang-barang yang nak perlu dibeli)
  • Organise a garage sale to get rid of your unused items and this will earn you some extra money. (Huh! Nak beli ada lah.. bukannya nak jual)
  • Purchase items that are only necessary and in cash and avoid using credit card. (Tak de cash - cash dah guna untuk bayar hutang CC bulan lepas - , tapi barang-barang perlu dibeli.... terpaksaaalah guna CC. Nak buat macam mana?! )
  • Plan your meals menu one week ahead and buy groceries accordingly. (Memasak seminggu sekali je, so tak de masalah le kot ;)
  • Only purchase items in the list you have prepared and don't be tempted to buy unnecessary goods. (Jaga mata..jangan melilau sana sini..)
  • Try to visit hypermarkets towards the end of the day where fresh products go for a lower price. (Entah lah... tak pernah jumpa lagi ..yang selalu nampak tu..yang dah tak elok..kalau tak layu..dah buruk, rosak...)
  • Shop at the local markets for fresh vegetables because they offer better price and bargains. (Kat mana, ya?!)
  • Where possible bring home-cooked food for lunch at work, as this is cheaper than eating out. (Hmmmm....)
  • Look out for offers, coupons and freebies. (Always...)

Source: The Star

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