Jun 24, 2009


we have booked our train tickets to Birmingham online. It costs us GBP 12 each (if I remember correctly). so after breakfast we headed to euston station to catch the train. The trip to B'ham from London lebih kurang dua jam. Tapi hari tu (Saturday), saja je depa ni nak bagi kami dok lama dlm keretapi, tak pun dok lama tengok2 stesen tu...hmmm...train tu meragam. Banyak kali kena tukar train. Kalau tukar train je ok la. Tapi yg tak tahan nya kena tunggu lama lak train tu nak sampai. Sejuuuk. Dah la tu lenguh berdiri...nak duduk tak boleh sbb...kerusi pun sejuk...kalau duduk lagi kesejukan..huh...nak tambah sejuk lagi...angin bertiup lak...
It was almost twelve kot when we arrived at Birmingham International. From there we rented a car and drove to Aston Villa (yes, u r right! Aston Villa...kelab bola sepak tu) to a friend's house. We left after lunch (masak nasi u. the first hidangan nasi that we had after we arrived in UK. syoknya) to continue with our journey up north to New Castle. Armed with a map from the car rental company and instructions from a friend, we drove for about four hours before we reach our next destination. We spent the night at Holiday Inn in Washington (the original one ya, not Washington DC).
We got our dinner from a Pakistani Restaurant in NC. We took away prawn briyani and doner kebab and chips. One of the best chips ever. It was different from what we have in Malaysia.
It was colder here up north as compared to London. Cold wind blew strongly. I was shivering during the short walk from the parking lot to the hotel lobby...hhhhhh...
After dinner, I was ready to call it a day....Good night everyone...hmmmm...shower could always wait.

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