Dec 2, 2009


What have I accomplished this whole year? Not much. However, I managed to sign up for sewing class and I've sewing my own baju raya. I've 3 more modules to go: kurung moden, kebaya tradisional and blouse. I hope to finish them all soon. At the moment, I also am learning how to do patchwork and quilting. I've a lot of projects to do. So far, I've already started 3 and almost finished 2 of them.

Now I spend most of my free time sewing, apart from reading. Last month, I was quite busy with sewing that I managed to read only one book. I'm still halfway through my second book. Hope to finish reading it this weekend so that I can start reading new ones for December.

Two weeks ago, I managed to bake cupcakes for my cousin's birthday. Those were simple ones with choc topping and simple deco. Hope to be able to bake my own birthday cake.

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