Jan 26, 2014

Bag of the month club

By joining this club, each member will receive one bag pattern each month for six months starting from January 2014 -June 2014. The membership fee is $40. However, early birds were given a discount of $5... that means they only have to pay $35 for 6 bag patterns.
These bag patterns are designed by six different designers. Detailed information about the club and its designer can be found at this link: http://www.sewsweetness.com/p/bag-of-month-club.html .
January is almost over and I'm still struggling with the first bag 😉. If I were to sew another bag using this pattern, there are a few things that I would do differently:
1. I would use softer stabilizer. The one that I'm using now makes it difficult for me to turn it inside out.
2. I would pay attention to the suggestions made by the designer 😊. In the case of this bag, when the designer said solid fabric... I should use solid.
3. Really measure the placement of the magnetic snap buttons on the pockets and the flaps... and sew all of them carefully. Otherwise I would end up having uneven pockets and flaps like what I have now... hehehe.
I will sure post the photo of my bag when I'm done. In the mean time head on over to http://www.sewsweetnes.com and find out about the designer of the month's creativity.

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