Dec 9, 2008


We left Jakarta for Bandung by "Argo Gede" train through Gambir station. It was a nice train. Usually I would sit by the window if I were to travel either by car,bus, train or plane. But on that day, I was not well and I feel like sleeping, so I gave up my fave seat and my husband sat there instead. While waiting for the train to arrive (the train was late by more than 1 hour) I felt so tired because there were many people at the station and there was no more seat left. All were occupied. People were everywhere. People kept on coming and crowded the station no matter how many of them left with each train that made a stop there.
The trip took about 3 hours and it was already afternoon by the time we reached Bandung. I felt more tired. But I assure you the trip would be otherwise interesting since the scenery was amazing and breathtakingly beautiful.

The driver from the hotel was already there waiting for us. He informed us that delayed train was not uncommon. On our way to the hotel, we made a stop at apotek (pharmacy) to get some medicine.

After check in I went straight to bed and slept until it was very late in the evening. I woke up for prayer and continued sleeping after that. Meanwhile, my husband went out for a sightseeing and get himself a supir (driver) for tomorrow's trip to white crater. Actually my friend in Jakarta had asked me to contanct her family in Bandung and they can send their own supir to get us to anywhere we wanted to go. But we decided to be on our own until she returned to Bandung because we did not want to disturb her family.

I woke up again for dinner. We ordered nasi timbel that night. After finished eating I slept again only to wake up in the middle of the night due to stomach ache. I rushed to the the toilet and threw up on the floor. After that, I slept through the night until morning.

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