Dec 30, 2008


Last year my husband attended a seminar in Malang,Indonesia. So apalagi, I tagged along and we went to Surabaya. Actually, I took another flight 2 days later than his flight. I thought I would be alone. But lucky me, I met one of my colleagues at the LCCT. She was with her husband visiting a relative there. So, tak de lah sensorang kat situ.

It was already dark when I arrived at Surabaya's Juanda Airport. Macet banget di bawah sana. My husband was already there waiting for me when I landed. The Q at the customs was quite long and I had to stand there for some time before I coould go out. Again, lucky me because I didn't have to wait for luggage since I travelled light. I just brought a big handbag with me because everything else was in my husband's luggage.

From my 3-day stay there, I observed that Surabaya is a busy town abuzz with its people's activities. The town is jam-packed with vehicles of all sorts: cars, motorcycle, trishaw.

You can see people, vehicles everywhere. On the outskirt of the city, there is no much different. It is full of life meaning noise with people go about their businesses.

Tourists are also contributing the hustle and bustle of the city. The traffic is always heavy especially during the morning and afternoon peak hours where people go out to their workplaces in the morning and leave the premises in the afternoon. Actually it is not much different with the city of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia that I know of.

If you happen to land at Bandara (Bandar Udara) Juanda, its airport, at dusk you can see the beautiful display of street lights and any other lights for that matter blend in with the headlights and taillights of cars that makes the city crowded.

Getting from one place to another gives you headache because of the traffic jam. If it is midday, it is like rubbing salt to the wound. It is so hot with the sun shines brightly on this part of the world due to the fact that it is near to equator line. However you can sooth yourself with the fact that the condition of the taxi you are in is good plus the taxi driver is a polite person and helpful. That is, if you ride a taxi. If you were to ride other form of transportation (and its cheaper than the taxi), may God help you.You are advised to ride taxis from blue bird company. There are reliable and highly recommended by the hotel.

Riding a trishaw in the city was really an adrenaline pumping experience. Cars and motorcycle passed by your trishaw at a 'neck wrecking' speed. That is, if you happen to stop at the traffic light and it turns green. So everybody gushed forward speeding. I guess that is the only time they can actually speed since there are so many cars in the city. And I guess it happens everywhere in the world (read: kat Malaysia pun lebih kurang macam tu lah).......

.../to be continued...

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