Jul 24, 2008


It is very rewarding if you can go places, be it near or far. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Pangkor Island. It was really enjoyable. I was very delighted since that was my first visit to Pangkor. From where we stayed, I can see and appreciate its beauty; the beach, the see, the view, the accomodation, the food. It was really the time to unwind and "loose" yourself.

While cleaning my living room yesterday, I found a newspaper clipping about where you can go and what you can do while you are in Pangkor:

1. Teluk Nipah beach: Facing Pulau Giam (where you can go kayaking, diving and snorkellig). Here you can ride on banana boats or jet-ski. You can stay at one of the budget hotels which are situated across the road from the beach.

2. Pasir Bogak beach: Situated 3 km south of Teluk Nipah and about 2km from the Pangkor jetty. It is famous for its white sandy beach and clear seawater. Among the activities that you can do here are: canoeing and jet-skiing. You can also rent boats for fishing.

3. Fishing villages: One of them is Kg Sg Pinang Kecil, located 4km north of the jetty. A fovourite spot for the islanders and visitors to get fresh fish, crab and prawns. Fishermen would normally return with their daily catch at 10am and 4pm.
You can also go to Hai Seng Hin, the well-known satay fish factory here where you can take a peek at how the snacks are produced and packaged. Visitors to this factory would be greeted by a giant sculpture of an octopus on one of the buildings.

4. Pangkor town: A small but bustling town. Just a short walking distance from the jetty. Lots of restaurants and coffee shops can be found here with a variety of food to choose from. Also a lot of shops selling souvenirs and dried seafood.

.....to be continued.....

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