Jul 25, 2008


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5. Dutch Fort: At Teluk Gedung, 2km to the south of Pangkor town. The fort was built in 1670 and used to store tin before the ore was sent to The Netherlands. According to a local, the fort was once a stronghold to fend off pirates.

6. Historical Rock: a.k. Batu Bersurat is just a stone's throw from the Dutch Fort. Several carvings are found on the large granite boulder. One distinct carving shows a tiger carrying a small child between its jaws. According to local myth. a tiger was believed to have taken the small child belonging to a Dutch couple in 1743.

Teluk Belanga: If you just want to - sort of - 'sit and do absolutely nothing but relax', you can head to Pangkor Island Beach Resort which sits on the long stretch of quiet beachfront at Teluk Belanga. White sandy beach, beautiful scenery, calming environment......just go and see things for yourself!

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