Nov 16, 2008


Last June, we went to Jakarta. We took the first flight out of LCCT to Soekarno Hatta International Airport. From there, we took the airport taxi to Alila Hotel at Jl. Pecenongan, Central Jakarta. It is about 25km away from the airport. However, the taxi ride to the hotel took about 45 minutes due know....

The room was not yet ready when we arrived. So, we just left our luggage there and headed to Tanah Abang, one of the shopping complexes in Jakarta. It seems like your trip to Jakarta is not complete without visiting one of these and buying something as souvenirs for family and frens back home. We did not buy many things since we were going to Bandung, the shopping heaven for some people. It was raining when we left the place to go to other places.

We also visited Monas, the National Monument, Presidential Palace (did not go inside of course) and some other places in the vicinity of Alila.

We had Nasi Kabuli at Tanah Abang for lunch and nasi padang and jus alpukat at Sari Bundo for dinner. We also went to Carrefour for mineral water and some snacks. It was within a walking distance from the hotel. On our way back we took a taxi and asked the driver to bring us for a sightseeing around Jakarta. The night outing was a pleasant one without the traffic jam.

Go Holiday!


  1. wohoa.. that was so cool!! bila saya nak terbang2 pulak ni... eheh =P