Nov 16, 2008


My first visit to Singapore was in 2006. We went there during its shopping carnival. So, the shopping complexes at the orchard road were busy and crowded with shoppers who were there to get what they needed and wanted at a cheaper price.

Kami cuci mata je lah tengok barang2 yang ada tu. Kalau nak kira memang murah tp tak de niat nak shopping pun masa tu. Kiranya singgah je lah di Singapore tu sbb dah sampai JB.

Kami sembahyang zohor dan lunch di Arab street. Nasi berianinya tersohor lah kat situ dan sememangnya sedap. Kedainya bertentangan dgn Masjid Sultan yg ada kat situ.

We went to esplanade and thought of going to the merlion park and took pictures of the merlion statue there but at that time it was closed for cleaning of the statue or something. I was not sure.
Anyway, we had a good time in Singapore riding the doubledecker bus pusing keliling kota....

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